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Shelly Hubman Development Coordinator

Shelly Hubman

Shelly Hubman has dedicated her life to education, meditation, and writing. She earned her M.A. in Spanish literature at Boston College where she held a teaching fellowship and was a recipient of the Donald J White Teaching Excellence Award. She has over two decades of teaching experience including a lectureship in Spanish at Northwestern University, a teaching position at BASIS, and most recently at The Gregory School in Tucson, Arizona.  She earned her M.A. in Creative Writing from Northwestern University with a concentration in non-fiction and spends her free time writing when not practicing yoga, dancing, or meditating.

Shelly co-founded The Mindfulness Education Exchange and managed all aspects of the business including teaching meditation and mindfulness classes and workshops to teachers, attorneys, non-profits, administrators, and children. Shelly is passionate about fostering caring communication and alleviating suffering.

In her role as Development Coordinator, Shelly will assist in implementing training and development programs for our Team, will coordinate our new wellness ventures, and will introduce our clients to alternative means of surviving, and blossoming, through the litigation and mediation processes.

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