Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce 

In Pennsylvania, a divorce can be granted when the assets and liabilities have been distributed to both spouses.  For many of our clients, there may be no dispute - either because there may be no assets to divide, or because they might already have agreed as to how they want to divide the property.  These are examples of an “uncontested divorce.” 

The term “uncontested divorce” refers to a divorce where both parties are ready and willing to divorce.  Typically, uncontested divorces can proceed more smoothly through the Court system because there is already an agreement as to equitable distribution, or the distribution of marital assets, or because there are no assets to divide.

To obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania, you must have “grounds” for the divorce.  Grounds are, essentially, permission from the state to divorce.  If one spouse refuses to agree to the divorce, it can take much longer to obtain grounds for the divorce. However, if both spouses agree to divorce – if it is an “uncontested divorce” – then you can obtain grounds much more quickly by executing an Affidavit to consent to the divorce.

If there is no property to divide, you can ask for the Court to enter your divorce after grounds have been established. If there is property to divide, you can ask the Court to grant your divorce after grounds have been established and after you submit an agreement to tell the Court how you will divide the assets and debt in your divorce.  When there is no contest, this process is streamlined and much more cost-efficient.

We help our clients file and finalize their uncontested divorces.  We help you keep the process smooth and cost-efficient, and we make the process more transparent.  

We serve clients in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, and Delaware County.  For our clients' convenience, we have two offices:  our Blue Bell divorce lawyers serve our clients in Montgomery County and Bucks County; our Wayne divorce lawyers serve our clients on the Main Line, including Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County.  Appointments are also available by telephone or video for clients with divorces who now reside out of state but who are facing a divorce in Pennsylvania.  


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