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Healthcare Power of Attorney assigns an Agent the responsibility to make medical decisions in situations when you are alive but are not able to make decisions or communicate on your own behalf.  This might be due to incapacity, including being in a state of unconsciousness.  A physician will determine whether you are capable of making your own decisions.  If you are incapable of taking action or communicating your intentions, your Agent will “step into your shoes” to make important healthcare decisions on your behalf.     Your Healthcare Power of Attorney remains in force unless, or until, you or the Court revokes it. 

Included in the Healthcare Power of Attorney is a Living Will.  The purpose of a Living Will is to give you a voice in your medical treatment in the event you are suffering from an end-stage medical condition, are facing death, and/or are permanently unconscious and unable to communicate your wishes to your healthcare providers.  The Living Will provisions will provide guidance and direction to your Agent and to your medical providers as to what treatments you will and will not want in the event you are facing death and are in the end-stages of an illness, as certified in writing by the physicians. 

In your Living Will, you are telling your Agent and your healthcare providers whether you wish to receive life-prolonging treatment in the event your body can no longer function on its own. A Living Will applies in situations when the decision to use such life-prolonging treatments may prolong your life for a limited period of time but will not prevent death.

Importantly, the Living Will provides for you to have a voice in your own treatment.  It also relieves your grieving loved ones of the responsibility to make those decisions alone. 

You will need to contemplate and consider the treatments you will and will not want in the event you are facing death and are in an end-stage condition.  We understand these can be difficult circumstances to consider.  If you have questions or want to discuss these options with us, please call us to discuss the options.    

You Living Will addresses the following issues and potentially additional items depending on your personal circumstances. 

  • Severe Brain Damage or Brain Disease
  • End Stage Medical Conditions and/or Permanent Unconsciousness.
  • Aggressive Medical Care
  • Organ Donation


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