Power of Attorney - Financial

Power of Attorney - Financial

Financial Powers of Attorney:  please designate an Agent to manage your day-to-day financial affairs, including the payment of bills, the making of gifts, and transfer of funds, the maintenance of other financial obligations.  Your Agent can and will assume control of your financial accounts if you are alive but incapacitated.  Essentially, the Agent “steps into your shoes” and acts as you would act.  

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In terms of decision-making and planning for your future, a Living Will that clearly expresses your wishes for medical treatment if the situation arises is an important and necessary document to have in your possession. Our Main Line Power of Attorney Lawyers are experienced in drafting these important documents and can draft a living will on your behalf to ensure that your health care is handled according to your own wishes. Our attorneys can also assist you with drafting a Pennsylvania Will, or a Power of Attorney. 

Our Main Line Power of Attorney lawyers have represented hundreds of Montgomery County and Chester County family law clients.   We believe we are different from many other Main Line, Montgomery County family law attorneys and Chester County family law attorneys. 

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